What to Wear With Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are the most desired of all jewelry pieces. Diamonds are versatile, so you can wear them anywhere and with anything. Earrings are not like pendants or hoop bracelets – you can wear them in any formal or informal occasion. No matter how drab or dull the outfits are, these jewels are guaranteed to improve the appearance. Know exactly what to wear with all types of diamond earrings.

Black Outfits

Black outfits go with all kinds of jewelry, especially diamonds. The dark colors contrast well with the white colors, making the diamonds pop out more. If you want to make a bolder statement, wear a black velvet dress or coat with the jewels. Whether you want to visit a museum or a fancy ball, black is the ideal color to wear. It is simple, classic, elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Informal Outfits

Diamonds are even good to wear for informal occasions, such as ball games and music concerts. Studs usually work best in these settings along with diamond shaped earrings. Women commonly wear small, simple studs that do not steal attention away from their casual outfits. Hoops and dangly earrings are better suited for formal occasions, especially dinners. Women should never ignore wearing diamonds even with their casual clothes.

Dresses and Gowns

Wear any color or style of dress with white diamonds they will always match. White is a neutral color that goes with all other colors. If you worry about your jewelry not matching your formal wear, always buy classic white diamonds.

In addition, you can combine diamonds with other gems, such as emeralds and rubies, for a more dramatic look. Since white looks good with all other colors, you will like to have sparkly whites that complement your bright red rubies or bright blue sapphires. White earrings also look good with gold necklaces, silver chains and black onyx jewelry. In fact, people may pay attention more to the white diamonds than the other pieces of colored jewelry.

Professional Outfits

Even if you have a professional career, enhance your drab outfit with sparkly white diamonds. Most professional outfits are dull and boring to look at, but if you want a livelier look, you should attach jewels. Usually, wearing only one pair of stud earrings is enough to catch people’s attention.

Diamonds are must-have accessories for all girls and women of all ages. The biggest benefit is that these jewels go with any type of outfit for either formal or informal events. You cannot deny the simple, classic beauty that comes with a good pair of diamonds. The use of diamonds should not be underestimated – you have to take full advantage of these beautiful gems. Wear diamond earrings the right way and the bold way.

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