What You Should Know About Bodog Rakeback

According to Officialpokerratings.com, Bodog poker rooms are one of the most famous online poker rooms, attracting the attention of millions of players every year. According to its ranking for the year ending 2010, these poker rooms are placed at number 8 on the top 10 poker websites list. With such popularity and so many members, having attractive Bodog Rakeback policies are bound to be followed by the online gaming majors.

How is Bodog Rakeback Different?

There is a long list of online poker rooms you can choose from but not all make it to the top 10 list. With so many options at a player’s disposal, they are bound to find lucrative deals from time to time. Some offer huge joining bonuses to new members, while others offer more points to loyal members.

Another common retention strategy is offering a Rakeback. It can be simply understood as certain reward points that are provided to a member on account of the volumes they have generated, time spent playing games or money gambled in their poker rooms. While most poker rooms offer rewards in the form of poker points and chips that can only be used online, Bodog Rakeback is different. It is one of the few sites that offers cash points as a part of its Bodog Rakeback program. This does not require a player to spend more time playing the game to refund and benefit from the rewards won by him.

Factors that Help High Bodog Rakeback Generation

Although experts do not have any data or study backing their belief, they firmly believe that some amount of interest and loyalty is created by attractive Bodog Rakeback policies. Here are some of the features that make the Bodog Rakeback program so rewarding:

*    To begin with, they offer bonuses of up to $1,000 for every player who joins. This bonus motivates the new member to play more, without putting in a lot of money in the beginning. Not only is bonus this for real, it is possible to win 100 percent of the amount. Many players have done it before. After this start, one can expect regular cash in the form of Bodog Rakeback.

*    They also guarantee security of a player’s money and his personal information. Their portal is very safe and secured from any kind of phishing or malicious web attacks.

*    It is not necessary to put in money in order to be able to win money in the form of Bodog Rakeback. The sites also have free money play tables, where a person can play without putting in initial cash.

Bodog Rakeback, coupled with unmatched customer satisfaction policies, can make a poker site a pleasure to be a part of.

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