When Do You Need to See Ear Doctors in Egg Harbor Township NJ?

While ear infections are most common in young children, they can plague people of all ages. An ear infection is most likely to occur about a week after a cold, when excess fluid floods the ear canal and becomes stagnant and infected. Unfortunately, ear infections can be serious and can permanently affect a person’s hearing. It is important for people to be able to understand the signs of ear infections so they can be promptly seen by the Ear Doctors Egg Harbor Township NJ.

These signs are common among those who are suffering from an ear infection:

Ear pain that can vary in intensity
   *   A feeling of fullness in the ear
   *   Drainage from the ear that is thick, yellow, or bloody
   *   Decreased ability to hear
   *   Fever
   *   Pain in the teeth
   *   Pain in the neck
   *   Redness behind the ear
   *   Popping in the ears
   *   Ringing in the ears
   *   Dizziness
   *   Problems with balance

If these symptoms are present, it is important a person is seen by the ear doctors in Egg Harbor Township NJ. The doctor will be able to use an otoscope to examine the interior of the ear. This can reveal if there is fluid behind the eardrum and can show if any infection is present. The ear doctor can often look at the appearance of the eardrum to determine if the ear is infected.

Treatment for ear infections depends on the severity of the infection and the person’s age. Antibiotic ear drops may be used if there is only a mild infection present. In some cases, ear drops and oral antibiotics are needed to bring the ear infection under control.

Some people’s ears become so infected their eardrum is in danger of rupturing. An ear doctor can create a small opening in the eardrum to allow the infection to drain so a person can find relief and ensure their ear will be protected from damage.

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