When Should Children See the Pediatric Dentist in Stratford?

While most children begin seeing the dentist around the age of five, it behooves parents to bring their children in around the age of one. When the teeth begin cutting through, the dentist needs to start monitoring their oral health and checking the development of their teeth and jaws. Seeing the Pediatric Dentist Stratford allows a child’s oral health to be properly protected so they can avoid cavities and gum disease which can cause major problems with a child’s oral health.

When a child first sees the pediatric dentist in Stratford, they will have their teeth cleaned. The cleaning process is especially important for young children who may not properly brush their teeth as they should. Even the most skilled brushers can sometimes miss certain areas of the teeth which can end up causing them to become decayed. Through a cleaning procedure, the hygienist can remove tartar and plaque which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

After the child’s teeth have been cleaned, the hygienist will examine the teeth and gums and report any obvious issues to the dentist. If the child is over the age of five, they will have X-rays carried out. X-rays can allow the dentist to determine whether or not there are any cavities or development concerns that are occurring in the teeth. X-rays can often allow a dentist to find issues before a child even begins to experience any outward signs.

Through examination and X-rays, problems can be found early, when they are most treatable. As long as a child is seen every six months, parents can rest assured their child’s oral health is being properly protected. This helps to ensure the child will develop a love of dental care for life.

Children need to see the dentist twice a year for preventative care appointments. Parents who want to schedule their child’s dental appointment should contact Modern Family Dental. This dental office provides an extensive array of dental services to ensure children’s smiles are protected. Call the office right away so your child can receive the dental care they need to ensure they can avoid cavities and gum disease.

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