Where Do All Those Hand Dryers In Our Restrooms Come From?


If you search for Hand Dryer Manufacturers on the internet; as with almost any product these days, the first entries on the results list are for dryers made in China with dozens of examples; which, judging by the pictures are all fairly modern designs (including the jet type where you dip your hands into the machine rather than wipe them together beneath a vertical flow of hot air from a nozzle). With China’s modernization and huge population; I guess many of these China made dryers will stay in China; but, probably, a big number leave the country unbranded as contract manufacture for Hand Dryer Manufacturers in the rest of the world.

Rest Of The World

Next in search engine popularity are distributors of hand dryers; mainly on line warehouse type stores selling to the USA and Canadian markets. Clicking on one of these reveals a typical listing of models from some 10 different manufacturers of hand dryers located in USA, UK, Europe and Japan. These are all of the modern type, sensor operated with fast drying times and energy efficient motors, etc. I did not go many pages into the results but, I would expect to find Korean and Taiwanese examples in there somewhere.

I do not doubt that there are Hand Dryer Manufacturers in other countries; but, I think they are, probably, only selling to their own domestic markets. I am sure that I remember drying my hands, in a restroom at a layover airport in India; where the name plate on the machine proudly proclaimed it to be “Made In India”; likewise, on vacation at a beach resort in the Philippines; the dryer claimed to have been made in the Philippines. Both these examples were a couple of years ago and, in both cases, the dryers were to an older design where you had to physically push a button to start them (apart from that, they were not too bad; just a little slow in finishing their drying job).

In Your Local Restrooms

Probably most of them will have hot air hand dryers (although some will be using paper towels) and I would say that it is a fair bet that the USA brands will be the most represented amongst the dryers with, maybe UK next; followed by Japan and Europe (notably Spain).

The Californian Company called World Dryer have been Hand Dryer Manufacturers since 1951 only 3 years after the warm air hand dryer was invented). To see their extensive range of energy efficient dryers, visit website.

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