Where’d the Beef Come From?

For a large percentage of the population, cattle are something that exist in the abstract, or as an end result. Cattle to most of us is something that shows up as a glass of milk or a steak, and if we’re really lucky, that steak has been dry aged, properly seasoned, then cooked over a wood fired grill … and I’ve gone off subject. The point is, many people don’t fully understand what goes into the making of that steak. To people on the other side of the industry, they do know what goes into it. For example, careful decisions have to be made about breeding to produce the best possible calves. If a rancher doesn’t have the right stock on hand, he or she might have to buy a bull or buy a heifer to improve the options. With either case, it can be hard to know what bulls or heifers are for sale.

Agriculture has become something of a niche profession. In the not too distant past, most of the population was engaged one way or another with agriculture. This improved the options for individual ranchers and farmers, but transport and communication were more difficult. Now in a new society, agriculture has become a specialized field, so there might be fewer overall firms with heifers for sale, but the nature of ranching and farming has changed. No longer is most agriculture about subsistence, but now it’s a combination of the old fashioned hard work needed to make any physical enterprise succeed and modern business and technical savvy. Modern technology may have mitigated some of the physical toll of agriculture, but it has also provided more bonuses for technical savvy. If a rancher wants or needs new stock, he or she can specifically look for heifers for sale that fit his specific needs and wants.  

Gone are the days when every farmer and rancher would have many neighbors engaged in the same business to do trade. Now, they can communicate with other businessmen and businesswomen from across the country, and thanks to improved shipping means, actually transport the cattle that distance between the two points. So if you’re dealing in a hybrid breed like Brangus and live in Colorado, you could still buy Brangus heifers for sale in Texas without ever leaving your office. With the advances in technology, you can keep a mutually beneficial business relationship going across that long distance as communication is easier than ever before. You might have to cast a wider net than before, but you can do so with greater ease.

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