Whittling Down Your List to Find the Perfect Home

Looking for a new home can be fun and exciting but tiresome too.  The search for potential new homes can take some time, it really isn’t something you can do in a weekend.  Enlisting in the help of a real estate agent can help you filter through the mega list of homes for sale to find a handful to consider.

A few things you can do to help find your perfect home is to start with a budget.  Go to your bank and secure a potential loan approval amount.  This amount will be what the bank says you can afford.  Remember to think about the future.  If you plan to increase your family or maybe cutting back on working hours or maybe having to spend money for a new car or college tuition you need think about.  These items will take more from your finances there for if you max out what you can afford now the future will be tough.

Next you should make out a list or a checklist of what you wish for in the home.  The number of bedrooms, baths, square footage and yard space.  Next list the features or qualities that are necessity for you:  storage, appliances, laundry area, garage, basement, office, deck and so on.  Keep this checklist with you and make copies.

Get with your real estate agent and look at some homes.  Let your agent know of your checklist and potential areas you wish to live in.  Go visit these homes.  Visit homes that have the majority of what you are looking for.  You may have to make a few adjustments to your lists.  Take your checklist with you, each home should have a sheet, as well as your camera maybe even a video camera and take detailed notes.  Write down or dictate everything you can think of about this home and any questions that pop up.  On your list be sure to note age of home, age of roof, heating and air systems, HOA fees and neighborhood compliance.  

When searching through new homes to visit be sure to take your time.  A dream home will take time and you need to keep an open mind.  Ask any and all questions with your agent.  

Take your checklist and your notes along with your photos or footage and start to whittle the choices down.  If the commute is an issue, mark it out.  If the neighborhood is not safe or seems crowded, mark it out.  Don’t dwell on the way the home is decorated or painted you can change that later.  See which homes meet your necessity list and those homes that match your other needs.  You should be able to narrow your search down pretty easy.  Just don’t settle if you plan to stay in this new home for a while.  Settling isn’t your dream.  If you are not happy with the homes at this time, wait it out if you can.  The perfect home may come up soon.  Keep all your notes and pictures of the homes you’ve visited.  You never know, after sleeping on things for a few weeks you may have already been to see your dream home. 

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