Who Needs Breakaway Lanyards

For most people, a more traditional lanyard will serve the purpose without any problems. However, there are some industries and situations, such as with children and in factory settings, where a lanyard can actually be a safety hazard. In these situations, you can either forego using a lanyard at all or choose breakaway lanyards to make conditions safer for everyone.


While lanyards aren’t always something you think of when dealing with children, they can actually be useful for them as well. Some parents want to provide their children with something to help them keep track of something important, such as their lunch money, a cell phone or even a house key. However, children are often more susceptible to being strangled through misuse of these lanyards. Having one that will break away when tugged will protect your child.

Factory Work

Working in a factory can be risky business. Anyone who has worked in one knows to keep their hair tied back and to wear tight-fitting clothing. Some companies require their employees to wear a lanyard to carry their badge around. In these situations, a company must provide their employees with breakaway lanyards for their own safety. If the lanyard were to become trapped in a machine, it will break away so it won’t strangle the employee.

Public Safety

You would think someone in public safety could wear a typical lanyard. However, they may be carrying keys with access to sensitive information or even money. These security personnel also may struggle with people they are trying to detain or who are trying to cause trouble. Therefore, it is important for their own safety to wear a lanyard that will break away if it is tugged sharply. This will prevent someone from using the lanyard as a way to harm the security officer to get what they are looking for.

Many professions use lanyards as a way to carry keys, ID badges and more. When it comes to these lanyards, some people should seek breakaway lanyards instead for safety reasons. Children should never have anything around their neck that won’t easily break away to prevent strangulation. Factory workers need these lanyards in case one becomes trapped in a machine. Security personnel can also benefit from the use of these lanyards to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of the general public they have been hired to protect.

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