Why A Clean Crawl Space Is So Important

Many homes these days have a good amount of built in space for storage.  This is very handy because it gives the homeowner places to keep items that aren’t needed every day without paying the rental costs of a separate storage unit facility.  One such place for in-home storage is the crawl space.  A home’s crawl space is usually a large area for storing items under the main structure of the home itself.  The crawl space can be very beneficial and is a great place to keep and store your items.  However, due to the nature and positioning of crawl spaces within the home, it can also be susceptible to many kinds of problems.  For this reason, it is important that you keep your Crawl Space Clean Los Angeles and in good condition.  Many problems can occur if you don’t keep your Crawl Space Clean Los Angeles, such as mildew, mold, rotting, humidity, and more, that can wreak havoc on your home and even your health.

Mold can be a major problem in general and even a bigger problem if it finds your way into your crawl space and resides there unattended and unnoticed.  In some people, mold can lead to serious problems and health effects.  Varying degrees of allergy like symptoms can occur as a result of mold and inhalation of mold spores.  Such symptoms often manifest themselves as asthma, hay-fever, and respiratory irritations including the throat, sinus, lungs, and even eye irritation.  And while these types of symptoms may not seem all that bad, prolonged exposure can compound the symptoms and the problems greatly.  In some cases exposure to mold and mold spores produces toxic illnesses and bodily infections.  In some instances with people with relatively low immune functions, serious infections may develop.

It is also worth noting that even dead mold or mold spores can still cause these symptoms and illnesses.  Therefore it is often not enough to simply kill the mold, but it is also necessary to clean it up and remove any and all traces of it to better prevent all the allergens and toxins associated with mold and spores.

Mold can be a very serious issue, especially if left unattended.  This is one reason why it is very important to keep your Crawl Space Clean Los Angeles and to be aware of your crawl space conditions.  Check regularly for moisture accumulation and for any signs of increased humidity as either of these may be future breeding grounds for mold.




Keeping your Crawl Space Clean Los Angeles is very important. Keep your Crawl Space Clean Los Angeles to avoid problems with molds and to keep your family safe!

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