Why Weddings in St Lucia Have Become One of the Most Popular Wedding Trends

Long gone are the days where traditional weddings are the only options available to couples. In fact, destination weddings have become some of the most popular options when it comes to modern day wedding planning! St Lucia has climbed to the top of the “most wanted” destinations list, and there’s good reason for that. If you’re considering getting married in a beautiful tropical location with minimal distractions, we’ve listed three of the best reasons that you should include St Lucia in your consideration set!

A Variety of Scenery

Weddings in St Lucia are popular for a number of different reasons, but one of the major selling points is that there is truly a variety of scenery on the island. While there are miles and miles of beautiful, private beach to take advantage of, there are also secluded areas surrounded by sprawling greenery and beautiful tropical gardens. This can make for a very unique wedding experience, and it takes a “tropical wedding” to an entirely new level. St Lucia is also known for its twin mountain peaks – and these can make a fabulous backdrop for photos, as well.

Attractive Package Options

Due to the popularity of weddings in St Lucia, many wedding planning companies have started to offer incredible packages for couples looking to take their special day to the island. These packages generally include everything that will be needed for your special day, including consultations, a marriage officer, and even optional decorations to choose from. With various levels available, couples with limited budgets can still create the perfect day and those with more to spend can tack on fun extras. It’s never been easier to create the wedding of your dreams!

Start Shopping Around

You no longer have to visit a travel agent to arrange for your destination wedding. In fact, many companies that plan weddings in St Lucia operate online and communicate with their clients via email and phone. If you have questions, you can simply call your wedding consultant to get the answers that you need! If you’re ready to start planning your wedding and think that a ceremony in St Lucia would be perfect for you, start browsing the web to compare planning companies today. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find a firm that will cater to your budget, your wants, and your needs. The biggest day of your life can be even more beautiful than you could ever dream. Start planning your St Lucia wedding TODAY!

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