Why You Should Consider Seeing a Divorce Mediator in Atlanta, GA

When you come to terms with the end of your marriage, a traditional divorce is one route to consider. However, many couples prefer to choose a divorce mediator in Atlanta, GA. Here are a few reasons that mediation is becoming a more popular choice.

Keep Things Civil
A traditional divorce hearing will put you at odds with your spouse, creating a highly adversarial situation. Alternatively, a mediation allows you and your spouse to work together to agree on the terms of your divorce. This reduces the bad feelings you have for one another, and helps you end your marriage more quickly.

Set a Good Example
If you have minor children, one of the issues you’ll have to settle in meditation is the custody arrangement. This is easier to settle when you and your spouse can discuss the terms that are important to each of you. Additionally, your kids will see that they still have both of their parents. They will also see that you work together even though you may no longer love one another.

Reach Fairer Compromises
In divorce court, the judge has the final word, and that may result in the loss of assets that hold personal meaning for you. When you use a divorce mediator in Atlanta, GA, they can help you and your spouse compromise on the division of assets. For example, if you want to hang onto your great grandmother’s wedding ring, you might have the option of offering something else of equal value. This system of compromising can help you avoid adding more bitterness to an already tense situation.

If you and your spouse have decided to pursue divorce, you can make the process a little easier by scheduling a consultation with Better Divorce Academy/Better Career Project via their website at betterdivorceacademy.com.

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