Why You Should Use LED Lights in Palm Beach County, FL

Lights do go out and having to change the bulb can be annoying, but what if you didn’t have to change it often? What if your new lights didn’t get so hot and were cool to the touch? What if your new lights saved you money on your electric bill? Sounds appealing, right? This is what LED lights do.
What’s Wrong With My Current Lighting?
Hot incandescent and halogen bulbs are being used less in today’s lighting needs. People are switching to LED lights in Palm Beach County, FL, to save money. LED stands for light emitting diode and is the new standard in lighting systems.
Why Should People Switch to LED Lights?
LED lights are low voltage and provide excellent lighting especially for exterior use. LED lights are much better than IR (infrared radiation), UV (ultraviolet) and fluorescent lighting and are much safer. There is no mercury like fluorescent lights. LED lights provide effective, efficient lighting. They don’t give off intense heat like other lighting fixtures and are smaller in size but still provide great illumination. LED lights in Palm Beach County, FL, are environmentally-friendly lights and can be disposed of in ordinary waste. Fluorescent lights contain mercury and have to be disposed of differently due to health and safety concerns.
Are There Real Benefits to Using LED Lights?
LED lights provide lighting for extended periods of time, up to 50,000 hours. If you don’t care to change light bulbs, this is a good thing. Not changing the bulbs in your lamps for the next 20 years is appealing. When LED lights are installed in commercial properties, it brings a huge savings:

• Reduced maintenance costs
• Lower bulb replacement costs
• Less time replacing lights
Lighting fixtures that are in hard-to-reach places like expressways, parking lots, clock towers or high-rise buildings certainly see the value of installing long-lasting LED lights in Palm Beach County, FL.
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