Your Dental Implants Lubbock Practitioner Offers Patients an Important Cosmetic Benefit

A dental implant is often needed to replace teeth that are missing or must be replaced due to decay. They are used as a prosthetic in the vacated area to give the person a natural look. As they function as a tooth anchor, it’s necessary that the materials used are safe and compatible to be secured with the bone to which it’s attached. Your dental implants Lubbock clinic uses several materials, the most popular being titanium.

Importance of Healthy Teeth
Teeth are something many of us take for granted. It’s essential to understand the role teeth play in our daily living and well-being. In addition to chewing food prior to digestion, teeth are part of communication and speech. If missing, speech becomes difficult. Appearance is also a factor. Large gaps in our smile can have a devastating effect on a person’s confidence and desire to socialize freely, as can having a set of teeth that are black from decay.

Dental Implants for Increased Confidence
Dental implant procedures are on the rise and becoming very popular. When compared to dentures and bridges, they have a big advantage in terms of appearance. Implants closely mimic the look of natural teeth and are attached permanently. This eliminates the risk of possible embarrassment, such as with a denture that might unexpectedly fall out at an inopportune time. Dental implants last many years and rarely must be replaced due to malfunction.

Implant Procedure Qualifications
For anyone considering this surgery, a primary factor is their health. Just about any kind of surgery carries some risk. In addition to infections, other complications can arise during or after the procedure. Apart from general health, the candidate’s oral situation is also looked at. For example, if there are other teeth that are infected or in decay, this must be addressed first. The most important consideration is bone quantity and quality within the jaw. This is because implants rely on healthy bone structure for a successful placement.

Cost of Dental Implants
The cost of the surgery depends on several things. The extent of work needed, number of implants, and even your geographical location can all be factors. You’ll find suitable a dental Implants Lubbock clinic to visit by conducting a simple online search. As cosmetic dentistry is a very competitive field, prices have become more affordable in recent times. Many family dentists now offer implant service in addition to checkups and routine cleanings. For missing or damaged teeth, implants are an excellent solution to restore your smile.


We are pleased to offer our clients dental implants and a wide range of dental procedures. Whether you need routine dental care or are looking for a cosmetic enhancement, visit to learn more about our many services.

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