Your Guide To Buying Patio Furniture In Virginia Beach

Summer time is to enjoy your patio furniture in Virginia Beach. There are many options and many style ideas. You can shop around and select your style according to your home décor and your budget.

Look at the guidelines below for different materials available for the patio furniture.

Wood for patio furniture in Virginia Beach

Wood furniture adds the warmth and style to any patio. Good wood choices are teak, eucalyptus, and cedar which retain their look and quality in the outdoor conditions. Stay away from pine, oak and natural wicker as these types deteriorate outdoors. Teak is the most expensive kind of wood as it lasts forever and weathers very well. The color of the patio furniture will weather from a brown color to silver grey but a five-piece set can easily cost up to $950-$2700. If you plan to go with teak, make sure to apply a protector coating for teak once a year.

You should look for the FSC stamps on the wood. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and shows that the woods you are using have been harvested responsibly. Eucalyptus is another good option as its durability is as good as teak and is less expensive ranging from $325-$1000 for a set. Eucalyptus sets also need to be treated annually with a water based acrylic sealant.

Cedar sets last about 20-25 years but needs an annual protective coating and cost about $600 to $1,000.

Metal for patio furniture in Virginia Beach

If you are thinking of metal patio furniture in Virginia Beach, consider wrought iron and aluminum. Wrought iron is molded and hammered over a fire. Wrought iron sets can cost between $600 and $2,300. Wrought iron furniture is quite durable and sturdy. The wrought iron furniture looks great in the Italian villa style or sleek modern style settings. When buying wrought iron patio furniture make sure that it is powder-coated to protect it from rust. Any scratches on the furniture can get rusted. If you do see a scratch on the furniture, sand it immediately and touch up the paint.

Aluminum patio sets, cost about the same as wrought iron, are rust-resistant and very light. Cast aluminum is similar to the wrought iron look. Another option is stainless steel and powder-coated steel sets. They are easy to care and moderately priced. The stainless steel furniture sets start at about $300.

Synthetic for patio furniture in Virginia Beach

Synthetic material can be plastic which is very affordable starting at $50 for a set. Plastic sets are also very durable and are easy to stack and store. The visual appeal of synthetic material is a little lower and less comfortable than other material. Wicker, made of plastic resin is another option for synthetic furniture. It is easier to maintain and the price for the set starts at $600 looks very similar to the natural resin. Choose your patio furniture in Virginia Beach to last a lifetime.

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