Your Smile Makeover

Your smile is a very important part of who you are.  If you do not like the way your teeth look this may prevent you from smiling as much as you want to.  Having teeth that you feel good about can help you have confidence to smile.  Smile makeovers are designed to improve your teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted.  You are a good candidate for a smile makeover if you have crooked or chipped teeth, gaps between your teeth, and stained or discolored teeth.  A smile makeover can be something as simple as having your teeth whitened or as big as an entire reconstruction of your teeth.  A cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Indiana can help you know the procedures that you need to create your best smile.  Following are some possible procedures your cosmetic dentist may recommend during a smile makeover.

Getting your teeth whitened is the simplest thing you can do to improve the look of your smile.  Your cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Indiana can provide you with custom tooth whitening trays, peroxide whitening gel, and a daily routine that will improve the color of your teeth in no time.  Laser whitening is more expensive than using tooth whitening gel, but it is faster and longer lasting.  Ask your cosmetic dentist which method is right for you.  

A smile makeover can fix your crooked teeth.  Your cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Indiana may recommend that you get braces to straighten your teeth.  If you do not want to have traditional metal braces, ask your cosmetic dentist about Invisalign, a teeth straightening process that uses invisible plastic trays.

Your cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Indiana may recommend that you get dental veneers as part of your smile makeover.  Dental veneers are basically coverings for your teeth.  Using a strong bonding agent, dental veneers are stuck to the front of your teeth to improve the way they look.  Dental veneers are used on teeth that cannot be whitened with traditional teeth whitening methods, teeth that have become worn or chipped, gaps in between your teeth.  Porcelain veneers are the most durable and look the most natural.  Composite veneers tend to wear out and can easily become discolored.  Composite veneers are a good option for small fixes, like chips in a tooth.  If you need to replace an entire tooth, a porcelain veneer may cost more up-front, but it will last longer and look better.

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