3 Lock and Key Sets Facts

There are many lines of defense you can take to protect your residence, commercial or office property. Lock & Key Sets Westchester Ny, for example, carry an array of styles from a variety of manufacturers. You simply have to narrow the styles and features you would like.

Here are three lock and key sets facts to consider for your residence, commercial or office property.


For your home, you can pick from several manufacturers that manufacturer distinctive styles and add desirable features. Door knobs, door levels and deadbolts are some of options. Handlesets, electronic key less entry locks and pocket door hardware are others. It is worth noting that manufacturers understand customers want style and security. Therefore, manufacturers are not forcing customers to sacrifice beauty for safety. Since such a variety of styles exist, you are likely to find one that complements your home’s theme without feeling like it is going to leave you vulnerable to potential intruders.


When it comes to a commercial space, security is a priority, too. It requires lock and sets that are more heavy duty, though. Electric strikes, exit devices and swinging doors are some of your options. Sliding doors and access control hardware are others. Lock and key sets on modular doors systems include pre-installed hardware. Additionally, they are simple in their style and sophisticated looking.


An office is in between the level of security a residence and commercial property require. It mostly depends on what you store there and how attractive it is to potential intruders. Locksets, door closers and access control systems are some options you may consider. Cylinders, exit devices and electro-mechanical products are others.

Security for your residence, commercial space and office starts with stellar Lock & Key Sets Westchester Ny from Action Lock & Door Company Inc.

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