4 Reasons to See the Game at a Sports Bar

There’s much to be said for seeing your favorite sports team live and in person. From the roar of the crowd to the brotherhood of fans, it’s great. However, watching the big game at a sports pub can be fun, too. Read on to learn a few reasons sports bars Bucktown offer a game day experience like no other.

Lower Cost

Let’s face it: It’s expensive to go to the game. When you add up the cost of transportation, tickets, parking passes, drinks, and food, it’s easy to spend $100 or more per person. Watching your favorite team at a sports bar allows you to stretch your game day dollar.


It’s a big hassle to drive into the city for the game. You’ll probably spend quite a bit of time looking for a parking space, not to mention sitting in traffic! By visiting a sports bar to see the game, you’ll avoid the traffic and the parking battle.

Drinks and Food

Over the past few years, most venues have stepped up their beverage and food game, offering a range of tasty drinks and dishes to enjoy. However, the markup on these foods and drinks is huge. Visit one of our local sports bars Bucktown to get higher-quality food, a full bar, and beers that aren’t $10 a can.


When you go to the arena to cheer on your favorite team, you’re close to the action. As a fan, though, it’s equally exciting to see what’s going on elsewhere in the league. While it may be difficult to keep up with the scores without checking your phone or the stadium’s ticker, at a sports bar, you can actually see the games on different TVs.

Although it’s exciting to see the game live, nothing is better than the convenience and comfort of watching all the games and having your wings and beer delivered right to your table. Sports bars Bucktown are the way to go! Visit us at LittleOliveLounge.com or stop by Little Olive Lounge today.

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