Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card

If you would like to obtain an NJ medical marijuana card, this article will tell you how to get one. If you suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions, you can get a medical marijuana card from the state of New Jersey.

The laws on the New Jersey books state that you need to visit with your physician at least four times before they can certify you. When you see your doctor, they will give you information on the NJ medicinal marijuana program, the types of marijuana you can buy as well as their strengths, storage, safety, and its chemistry. When your physician certifies you, you will get a certificate of qualification.

To sign up for your medicinal marijuana card, you will need the following items to qualify:

1. Driver’s license or ID card issued by the state of New Jersey
2. A headshot in which you do not wear glasses or a hat. You can get this 2×2 photo from a Staples or CVS location. This picture will be the one used on your marijuana card.
3. A utility bill with your full name and address
4. If you want substantial discounts, you will need to provide proof that you are either on disability or a veteran of the armed forces. Anyone who gets financial help from the government should be eligible for these types of discounts.
Once you upload this information and scan it on the appropriate website, the state will verify your information. Once you get an email stating that you got accepted to the state medicinal marijuana program, you will need to send in your registration fee. Once this happens, you can visit a dispensary in the state of New Jersey and get started.

If you want an NJ medical marijuana card but your physician won’t prescribe it, visit New Jersey Alternative Health. You’ll get to visit with marijuana doctors who have studied the substance and know all about its medicinal properties.

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