3 Facts about License Reinstatement in Illinois

Losing your driver’s license can be extremely inconvenient. Since driving a car is a privilege, not a right, if you break any driving rule, the unfortunate result will be the loss of that privilege. When you live in Illinois, there are steps that you can take for License Reinstatement Illinois. Hiring the services of legal professionals is one step to consider.

Here are three facts about getting your driver’s license reinstated in Illinois.


Was your license suspended or revoked? If your driver’s license was suspended, the reinstatement is simpler and less expensive. For a suspended license, you must wait out the suspension period, and then, pay your fees. For first time offenders, the fees are less. If you have offended more than once, that fee begins to increase. If your license was revoked, you will be asked to go through a longer process that requires submitting proof, clearing your record and paying substantial fees.

Revoked License

When a driver’s license is revoked in Illinois, it means that you are a repeat offender. Essentially, you have been deemed a driving risk to the general public. Whether it is because you were cited for drunk driving or you were negligent, it is a serious situation. A legal professional can help you successfully navigate through this process as you will be asked to submit to alcohol and drug evaluations, attend hearings and provide proof that you are no longer a risk.


Fees may change, so before you purchase a cashier’s check or write out your check, double check to ensure that you are paying the correct amounts. If you are short on payment, you may delay the process, unnecessarily.

License Reinstatement Illinois may be complicated depending on the case. The legal professionals at Johnson & Goldrich P.C. are ready to help.

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