4 Things You Need to Know About Pre-Trial Release in Parker County, TX

Once bonded out of jail, you’ll probably have to follow a few rules that your

bail bond agency in Parker County required you to agree to. Here are a few common bond restrictions or conditions that are common across the Lone Star State. You can find more information about your particular conditions of release from your bondsman.

Check in Regularly

To show the court or your bail bondsman that you’re doing well and can be trusted, you may be asked to visit them or a probation officer daily or weekly. Make sure you understand how lenient these figures are before the day you’re required to check in.

Maintain Employment

People who maintain employment are generally more reliable, can afford to pay fees and fines, and stay out of trouble. You may be asked to maintain employment, whether it be part-time or full-time, once bailed out of jail.

Don’t Leave the State

This is one of the most common conditions of pre-trial release throughout the state of Texas. Even if you’re not required to wear an ankle bracelet that tracks your location, leaving the state simply isn’t worth it.

Not Use Drugs

Believe it or not, you may be required to stop using certain prescription medications or legal drugs such as alcohol. This requirement may be monitored through drug screens.

We’ll Help You When You Need It

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