Three Promotional Items that Can be Spruced Up with Embroidery in Corona CA

Promotional items are popular among consumers, especially when they are given to them for free. These giveaways have a great purpose to serve. In order to help the giveaway market your company, it is a good idea to add something to them that make them special or memorable. When you add your logo or catchphrase, consider adding it with embroidery.

Here are three promotional items that can be spruced up with embroidery in Corona CA.


Hats as a promotional item are very versatile. A consumer might wear a hat to protect themselves from the elements as well as a fashion statement. While it does them a favor, it also does your brand a favor. On the hat, you can easily embroider your logo or catchphrase that will be seen by anyone who sees it on the wearer.


Blankets are a nice giveaway that are also multifaceted. When a consumer takes it with them to the beach, park or event, if you have it embroidered, it will be seen, too.

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are also a versatile promotional item that can be embroidered. When a consumer takes it to school, the gym or work, if the embroidered is completed in a strategic spot, it will be seen. The goal is to let the consumer promote your brand while they receive something they need in return.

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