A Dental Emergency Means Visiting The Dentist In Chicago Immediately

Most people never consider a dental emergency or what they would do in that situation. Just think what would happen if your son or daughter broke their tooth or jaw? What would you do? Most people wouldn’t have a clear answer, other than visiting their dentist in Chicago. However, there are other steps that you should likely follow to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


If you are witness to someone else’s dental problem, you should first assess the injury. Pay close attention to how the patient reacts and whether or not they are in pain. Try to find out exactly what happened, as the dental assistant may need to know this information. If a tooth or teeth have been knocked out, it is important to try and find them.

Once you know what the problem is, try to alleviate the pain. Placing a wet cloth or ice on the area of pain can help reduce swelling and relieve the pain. You may also want to consider giving over-the-counter pain medication.

If your loved one is losing blood because of the injury, make sure you stop the blood flow by placing pressure onto the site of injury.

Prepare Teeth

If a tooth has been damaged or knocked out, it is important to safeguard the surrounding teeth and prepare the lost or damaged tooth as best as you can. Finding the teeth or parts of the teeth is very important. When picking up the tooth, try not to touch the root and only hold it by the crown. Most dentists recommend trying to replace the tooth into the gum, though this isn’t always possible. If this isn’t possible, you should place the tooth in milk or the patient’s saliva until you can visit an emergency dentist in Chicago.

See Dental Professional

If you have a dental office that takes emergencies, you can call them at any time. You should have the number written down and available for these types of problems. In cases where a tooth has become dislodged, time is of the essence to save the tooth.

Remember to tell the dental professional exactly what happened when you call so that they are ready for you when you get to the office.

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