Reasons To Consider A Cosmetic Dentist In Chicago

Whether your dentist provides general and cosmetic dentistry or not, you may find yourself searching for dentists in Chicago that can perform elective services to help your smile become more beautiful. There are many reasons why you may want to do this, including improving your overall oral health and many more.

Oral Health Improvements

Most people only consider the aesthetic appeal of having elective treatments done and don’t consider that there can be real oral health benefits, as well. Typically, teeth whitening won’t do anything to improve your oral health, but crowding or misalignment problems can pose threats. Alignment problems could cause many problems, such as bad breath, tooth decay, cavities and bacterial growth because the toothbrush and floss cannot properly get into the crevices to prevent these problems.

Sometimes even teeth whitening can help improve oral health because you’ll want to keep your teeth whiter for a longer time and may refrain from eating dark foods and drinking high-calorie liquids. This can promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of cavities from sweets and sugary drinks.


Most people feel embarrassed about their teeth, especially when smile. Many adults refrain from laughing or smiling to hide their yellow, crooked, misshaped or broken teeth. However, there is no need to do so if you visit a cosmetic dentist in Chicago, as they can help you restore your teeth and promote self-confidence.

While you shouldn’t have a procedure simply to make yourself feel better, you will notice that you laugh and smile more, which can be more emotionally healthy. It can also help you make better choices in other areas to promote an overall healthy body and mouth.

Restore Functionality

One of the biggest reasons to consider elective procedures is to restore the functionality of your teeth, mouth, gums and jaw. Missing a tooth can likely cause you to chew differently or have pain when chewing. Over time, the other teeth will move over to compensate for the gap in the teeth, which can change your bite altogether.

Missing teeth can also cause you to lose bone density in the jaw because there is nothing there and having a dental implant in place will maintain the bone longer so that the jaw bone does not degrade over time.

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