A Disability Attorney Can Help You Win Your Benefits

People who are either physically or mentally disabled are far more likely to have the application for Social Security disability benefits approved if they hire a disability attorney in Florida to help them with the process. There are a number of valid reasons why this is so, understanding what a few of them are might prompt you to hire an attorney if you are about to apply for disability benefits.

Understanding what evidence is required:

Perhaps the most important thing when you are preparing to make a claim for benefits is to ensure that you are including the right medical evidence to support your claim. In the majority of cases the claimant has no idea what the Social Security administration are even looking for, the result usually is the claimant giving too much redundant information or not enough of what the administration wants and needs.

This is never a problem when you are working with a disability attorney in Florida, these legal professionals know what evidence is necessary and ho to develop it. An attorney will spend a considerable amount of time reviewing the case file of the client, looking to see if it might improve the chances of approval if additional tests are run or additional medical records are deemed necessary. The attorney will ensure that the application does not contain information which will prove a burden to the inspector.


A statement from the clients physician is vital to winning a claim; however many doctors are reluctant to get involved. It is not that they don’t want to help their patient, it is simply they don’t understand the forms and they are too occupied with other patients to take the time to fill them out properly.

Physicians and attorneys are both professionals, they understand the pressure of time. A disability attorney is in a position to address any concerns that the physician might have; this is not the case when it is the patient asking for the statement. A doctor is usually more cooperative when he is asked for something by a fellow professional.

The hearing process

A disability attorney in Florida has been in front of an administrative judge many times in the past, the attorney knows what to expect and he or she has the skills that are necessary to win the case at appeal.

In many cases the disability attorney is familiar with the Administrative Law Judge that will hold the hearing. This actually is quite important as each judge has ways that he wants the hearing conducted and the attorney is well aware of any biases the judge may have towards certain medical conditions.

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