A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Atlanta Will Help an Injured Pedestrian Recover

A pedestrian accident can leave a person with serious injuries. When a 3,500 pound hunk of metal traveling at any speed hits a pedestrian, there is bound to be damage to the pedestrian. Often, these injuries leave an impact on the person that will require months of healing and weeks of hospital time. The loss of income is a terrible consequence for the injured person and their family.

The injured person needs to retain a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Atlanta as soon as possible. It is important for the lawyer to begin immediately to collect evidence of the accident. A review of the vehicle damage will show how fast the car was traveling. It would be essential to examine the vehicle for defects or systems that may have malfunctioned. Often, bad brakes and bald tires can cause the car to respond too slowly to a dangerous situation. A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer from 411 PAIN will be very helpful.

The lawyer will make pictures of the accident scene and of the vehicle involved. A vehicle accident expert can learn information about the accident from looking at the vehicle and the road conditions. This person can also determine the speed at which the vehicle was traveling.

The vehicle operator’s driving record might yield valuable information. For example, were they charged with reckless driving in the past, excessive speeding or with a DUI? All of this information indicates a propensity for careless driving. The driver may have a record of accidents. All of this kind of information helps the attorney develop a picture of the driver, and this will be very influential in court. It will also be influential in settlement discussions with the driver’s insurance company.

The Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Atlanta will gather medical records indicating the extent of injuries and the prognosis. The healing time is important as is the return to work date. The lawyer will be looking for any indication of permanent damage or the inability to resume normal work.

He will review the police report of the accident and interview the EMS crew if there was one involved. Any medical information from the scene and the emergency room treatment will be very helpful. For further information, call 411 PAIN.

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