A Slip & Fall Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA Advises Clients of Personal Injury Limitations

Personal injuries occur all the time, so much in fact that it has become big business to sue entities for monetary compensation. Every state has its rules regarding personal injuries. Every state has statutes of limitations that parties need to be aware of. A person that gets hurt needs to abreast himself or herself of what these rules and laws are. A Slip & Fall Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA advises clients of their rights regarding any personal injuries they may have sustained.

Nobody goes out with the intent of slipping or falling. Yet, for many reasons, these accidents do occur. Perhaps, the person slips on some spilled liquid on the floor on a grocery aisle. Maybe it is an icy sidewalk in front of a store. It could be that an individual falls over something in the middle of the floor. In any case, the store owner or building owner becomes liable for the fall and thus a personal injury case begins. At that point, the person who is injured should secure the services of an attorney right way, who is well-versed on personal injury law.

The first thing the personal injury lawyer will tell you about your injury in Washington is that the statute of limitations is only two years for personal injury and defamation suits. This means you have two years from the date of the slip or fall to pursue the matter in a court of law. It is expedient to get a lawyer to start working on your case as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less chance you will have to recover any damages from the lawsuit.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers have been representing clients on matters of personal injury for over 95 years. They also represent clients in criminal cases and probate law. The lawyers will represent your slip and fall case with complete commitment. You do not want to wait until the time limit is up to try to get a lawyer to handle the case. If you need a Slip & Fall Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA or anywhere in the Skagit County area, they are available. You can reach them at their website, Gilbertlawmv.com.

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