Adventure Summer Camp – What to Expect

Television? Video Games? Not when you have an exciting and life-long memorable Summer Camp for your kids to attend with an Aerial Adventure Park to boot! Your kids will learn about wildlife, the environment, the outdoors, and develop athletic and communication skills during the Summer at Terrapin Adventure’s Adventure Camp.

If you’re looking to expose your child to positive energy, self-confidence, and an appreciation for the outdoors – an Adventure Summer Camp is for you! The memories from Summer Camp will be life-long. And so will the skill-sets your child will learn through physically and intellectually challenging programs and activities that are fun too!

What To Expect from Summer Adventure Camp

? Your child will have a life-long positive and memorable experience!
? Your child will perform activities they have never done or thought they could do!
? Your child will learn from their mistakes and still feel good about themselves!
? Your child will develop new and lasting friendships!
? Your child will learn that Summer Camp friends are the best kind of friends!                                                          
? Your child will learn how sweet Victory can be!
? Your child will learn that it’s okay to be yourself at a campfire – because what happens at a camp fire stays at a camp fire!
? Your child will learn that putting other’s need ahead of their feels good!
? Your child will want to come back for more!
? Your child will develop team building skills!                    

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