Air Data Tester Functions

The air data tester items perform two main functions. First, they provide a way to test the leaks in an aircraft’s pitot-static system. And second, they simulate pressure and vacuum-like conditions in an aircrafts so that airspeed, altimeter, vertical speed, engine pressure, manifold pressure and other items can be calibrated.

Barfield is one of the companies that manufacture analog and digital air data tester options on a regular basis. The devices themselves have been around for over 40 years and many of the high performing options meet or exceed the industry standards. These testers are economical and they can also be fully automated to help controllers get accurate readings with ease. Here are a few examples of air data tester options

The Barfield 1811GA tester is a portable, self-contained unit that helps test and calibrate aircraft systems. This particular tester has three instruments that are analog capable and can perform leak tests or calibrations at the same time. This particular series uses hand pumps and external pressure ports to get the right pressure needed on-board to run the tests and calibrations. They are considered to be very practical for newer planes that have a limited budget.

The Barfield 1811HA is also portable and self-contained, but they are compact enough they can fit into very tight spaces. They perform some of the same on-board instrument calibrations and leak tests, but they also have correction cards for the analog instruments on board. They have a 1-year calibration cycle along with some digital instruments that have indicators for mach, airspeed, altitude, and vertical speed.

The 1811D is perfect for flight line calibration checks as well as troubleshooting. This two-instrument combination package has great ranges along with precision leak tests. It has a lightweight plastic case, which makes it even more portable, and it does not require a correction cord. The 1811D has many accessories that you can get as well including hose kits, and adapter items.

The DPI610 Aero is inexpensive and portable as well as self-contained. The single channel leak tester helps with air data testing on one channel to aid aeronautical units with their airspeed and altitude functions. The single hand pump provides necessary pressure for leak testing and the pneumatics have maximum rate climbs of 3,000 feet per minute.

With the amount of flying that goes on today, air data tester options are becoming more and more necessary. Each aircraft needs to have one in order to diagnose and fix issues before they become a real concern. The type of air data tester that is best for an aircraft depends on the particular plane itself and the comfort level of the operator based on what has been used in the past.

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