Tips for Getting Your Workers Comp Benefits from Construction Accident Lawyer Chicago Professionals

Getting injured on the job can be very dangerous, but it can be frustrating as well. Your employer is going to try to minimize the monetary damages you receive, which is why you should hire a construction accident lawyer Chicago professional to fight for you if this type of unfortunate event has occurred. If you do get injured on the job, here are some tips to follow for a successful case.

File a Claim Immediately

Many employees are afraid to file a claim at work when they get hurt on the job. But your construction accident lawyer Chicago expert encourages you to request a claim form from your supervisor. Fill it out right away and submit it. This helps your case if it goes to court because there is no question that the injury happened while you were at work.

Keep a Copy of the Submitted Form

Don’t turn in your claim for your injury on the job until you have made a copy of it for your records. Your employer is also required to fill out their section of the form and have it back to you within 24 hours. If they don’t do this, be sure to make a note of it and discuss it with your construction accident lawyer Chicago professional.

Get Medical Care Immediately if Needed

If you are involved in a serious accident while on the job at a construction site, it’s essential for you to seek medical care right away. Most companies have doctors that they require their employees to see following an injury so ask your employer where you should go for medical treatment. If you don’t seek medical attention right away, you are required to do so within 24 hours of the accident to ensure you get the treatment you need before the problem gets worse.

Give the Doctor Details

The doctor who treats your injuries following a work related accident is going to want to know how the incident occurred. Give them as many details as you can and tell them which parts of your body have been affected. Also, make sure you keep any documents, notes, medical slips and anything else that the doctor gives you to keep in your records. Your construction accident lawyer is going to want to see those to add to your case file to help prove your case. Also, be sure to go to all of your appointments because it will look good in the event that your case goes to trial.

If you’ve recently been injured at your construction site or on the job, contact us at the Law Offices of Friend, Levinson & Turner LTD. Our team of construction accident lawyer in Chicago will walk you through the process of filing your claim so we can get you the compensation you deserve.


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