Airport Transfers: Scenic Flights for the Avid Traveler

If you travel in and out of New York City quite a bit, you understand the need for fast and efficient service when it comes to reaching a connecting flight at a different airport. Taking a car can take too long and is susceptible to traffic, gridlock, or even construction. The best way to reach another airport is by taking a helicopter. Airport transfers in New York are quite common and can be a wonderful, yet brief experience.

Professionals Need a Quick Trip

Although a helicopter flight can be a very wonderful experience, transfers tend to last approximately twelve to eight minutes. This is not nearly enough time to enjoy the sights from the air. Transfers are meant to take people to their destination of choice within a short amount of time. This allows them to catch connecting flights at different airports, arrive at executive meetings on time, or just reach their destination with plenty of time to prepare for a presentation. There are many reasons business people rely on helicopter transfers.

Transfers for Everyone Else

Helicopter transfers are for more than just business, however. They are also perfect for people that need to reach connecting flights at other airports, and they just do not have the time to drive there. Special arrangements can be made for parties of all sizes too. So if you are traveling with an extended family, you can all reach the next flight effortlessly. It is always interesting to see airports from the perspective of a helicopter too.  Since helicopters hover at a lower level than planes can, you have a chance to see more before a flight actually begins.

Location, Location, Location

If you are taking a helicopter transfer to reach a destination, it is advisable to speak with the helicopter service you are using to make sure a helipad is close by. It is all about location. New York City has many helipads that can be used to help you reach your last stop. Simply speak with them about the exact location you would like to reach and they will find the closest helipad. Imagine flying into New York City in a helicopter, breezing above all the traffic and gridlock. Not only will the view be spectacular, you will not have to deal with all the stress of honking horns, smelly exhaust and yelling cabbies.


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