All About Inmarsat Satellite Phone

The Inmarsat satellite phone is quickly taking over as the premiere mobile phone device to use worldwide. Because the Inmarsat satellite phone operates on a satellite instead of cell phone tower, the same phone and plan are able to be used worldwide. This is convenient for those who are constantly globetrotting and want a way to “stay connected” without paying the high prices from their individual phone companies. The Inmarsat satellite phone can be used with prepaid minutes, so there is no contract or month-to-month plan for users.

The Inmarsat satellite phone runs on global geo stationary satellites, which is why you’re able to access information from virtually anywhere in the world. During natural disasters in various third world countries, the Inmarsat satellite phone was the way government officials and Red Cross workers communicated with one another amidst chaos and wreckage. Some say satellite phones are the way of the future because of the rise in natural disasters throughout the United States and worldwide. With the Inmarsat satellite phone, you are able to keep in contact with family, friends and loved ones, even when the cell phone towers are no longer working.

Because of the amazing coverage offered by Inmarsat satellite phones, they are also the communication means of choice by ships on the high seas. Even during rough waters, the Inmarsat satellite phone continues to work and offers a clear means of communication for captains & crew. Currently, Inmarsat satellite phones offer three types of phones with voice service.

Types of Inmarsat Satellite Phones

  • IsatPhone Pro – This phone is aimed at those who also want short texting and short email capabilities. The primary use is voice telephony and there’s also a GPS look-up-and-send function on the phone, making it attractive for those on the high seas.
  • IsatPhone Link – This is a global satellite service that is fixed and offers coverage and data to those living in rural areas that are not usually served by the typical cellular phone provider. The IsatPhone Link is most commonly used by those visiting third world countries.
  • FleetPhone – FleetPhone is aimed at sailors who are in areas that are not covered by cellular phone providers. The FleetPhone is primarily a voice device for small vessels who need multiple phone lines on the ship.

Inmarsat satellite phones cover a bevy of needs for those traveling, living or working in outlying areas that are not covered by standard mobile phone companies.

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