Rock Climbing Tips to Use at the Hangar 18 Riverside Facility

Are you planning on working on your rock climbing skills at the Hangar 18 Riverside facility anytime soon? If so and you are a beginning rock climber, you could be making mistakes that are detrimental to a successful experience. Here are some rock climbing tips that you should remember so you can learn to be a better climber.

Avoid Gripping Too Much One of the most common mistakes that amateur rock climbers make is that they grip the rocks too hard in order to hold their position. If you are constantly gripping the rocks with all of your strength, all of your muscles are going to give way sooner than they should. If you use your hands, feet, arms and legs to support your weight, you shouldn’t have to grip the rocks as hard. When you practice your climbing at Hangar 18 Riverside facility, practice a lighter grip to keep your muscles working at their optimal capacity until the end of your rock climbing session.

Your Feet Become Your Hands As a beginning rock climber, you might be more likely to rely on your arms and hands more than your legs and feet. But as you start to grow as a climber, you will start to realize that your feet are just as important, if not more important, than your hands. You have to learn how to rely on your feet the same way you rely on your hands. In fact, your feet should be as familiar to you as having a second set of hands if you want to be a successful and daring rock climber. There are experts at the Hangar 18 Riverside facility who can help you work on these skills.

Go Slow It takes an adventurous person to want to learn how to go rock climbing. But sometimes your adventurous spirit can get the best of you, which means that you might try to do too much too soon. The best way to learn about rock climbing and improving your skills is by taking your time to do it right. You can’t learn everything in a short time and there are no shortcuts to improving the skills you already have. You just have to practice, take things slow and methodically work on the things that you need to work on in order to improve your rock climbing abilities. With help from a Hangar 18 Riverside expert, you can learn ways to improve those skills and become a better rock climber.

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