An inexpensive decorating alternative

Burlap for some reason is often thought of as a fabric that has an orientation towards the autumn. Perhaps the idea of burlap bags for the harvest is that which drives this idea. Burlap fabric may have been used for potato bags years ago but today, it is a year round fabric that is an inexpensive decorating alternative, it is no longer produced in the typical drab beige, today burlap is available in a host of different decorative colors and textures.

When one decorates with burlap fabric the projects that can be accomplished are only limited by one’s imagination. Burlap can be used as the basis of wreaths for the door during the holiday season as well as tablecloths, wall coverings and slip covers. As one of the less expensive materials available there is a downside, and that is it can be rough and it has a tendency to break down and shed.

One of the very attractive uses for burlap fabric is to use it as a wall covering. Of course there are many different types of wallpaper available but for a natural look, burlap is hard to beat. It can be applied to the walls of a home just the same as if it was wallpaper, the same paste and the same tools are used.

It may not enter into the homemakers mind at the time, but in the event the burlap wall covering should become boring as time goes by, it can be stripped, washed and reused for another project. Once burlap has been introduced into a room, the room instantly takes on a rustic look, the look that many American homes are looking for.

One thing that home decorators must consider when using burlap for wall covering is the looseness of the weave. There is no doubt that the wall will show through so prior to hanging the burlap, consider the color of the walls.

As burlap fabric is available in different weights, for this application the lightest weight possible is recommended. Unlike traditional wallpaper, you may want to add a few tacks or staples at the top of each vertical run of burlap, this will prevent it for sagging from the top. Some home decorating experts use hot glue and simply run a strip across the top of each panel.

There are many different colors and two definite widths to choose from.

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