Are Breast Implants From New York Better Than Those Put In Elsewhere?

Actually, there is a possibility that Breast Implants In New York City might be, if not better; at least safer than those inserted at a number of other plastic surgery clinics elsewhere. Without going into the question of why women seem so prone to wanting to change their appearance; we must all have heard talk about silicone breasts replacing natural ones? Probably we paid little attention to it; even if some men (and women) looked at a picture and thought – “those can’t be real”. However, more of us became aware of “silicone breasts” when reports started to surface; of severe health problems arising for women whose implanted bags of silicone fluid had burst inside their chests; pouring silicone fluid into their flesh and a loss of the shape that they had paid good money to obtain.

If A Bag Can Burst; Does It Matter Where It Was Inserted?

It cannot be denied that New York City is one of the leading cities in today’s world; especially when it comes to wealth and the lifestyles of the wealthy; if New York society thinks large, shapely breasts are “in” many people will follow such a lead. When the dangers of earlier style Breast Implants In New York and elsewhere, became known; this did not stop women from wishing to change or enhance their shape; but it did lead to a growing awareness of the dangers that could come from doing it the wrong way.

If It’s Not A Bag; It Can’t Burst

New York was one of the first places in the US to introduce an FDA approved, European adaptation of the silicone breast implant in which the silicone polymer used for the implant is in a basically solid, but deformable, form of silicone polymer; that; not only has a natural tendency to return to its original shape and contour; but, does not need to be restrained within a bag – hence no bursting risk.

This development is; not only of particular benefit for women whose shape has been altered by their implant bags bursting; but also presents a safe way for any woman who has had the misfortune to have to undergo a mastectomy; to return to her original (or better) shape. Of course, there will always be those who wish it for purely cosmetic reasons.

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