Tips for Checking Out Used Honda Civics for Sale in Racine, WI

It is important to ensure that used Honda Civics for sale in Racine, WI are a good option before buying, just like with any car. The ultimate first step is to look at the entire car, all sides and the roof to ensure there are no visible signs of wear or tear. One or two dings may not affect your decision, but you want to make sure there is no rust or wearing of paint on the vehicle. Look at the sides of the car from one end to see if there is a waviness about the car, this indicates paint work. You should also run your finger over the edge of joints for any roughness; this is a sign of residue left over from the paint job.

Before anything else, make sure the vehicle is on level ground. This will help you ensure that the tires are properly aired and holding air. It will also help you to see if there is anything sagging, such as a fender.

Next, open the trunk and make sure it is in good condition. There shouldn’t be any cracks or holes, and the material covering the metal should be in good condition. There will probably be some wear and tear, which will indicate the trunk has been used.

The next thing to check is under the hood. There shouldn’t be any oil on any part of the engine, nor should there be damage or rust. Even if you don’t know much about cars, you should still be able to determine if there is oil or damage. Consider bringing someone along that knows about cars. You should also check both fenders where the hood joins to ensure the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) is still present. If not, it means the fender was replaced. Also, consider checking the belts and hoses. These shouldn’t have cracks and the radiator hose shouldn’t be soft. Again, having someone there who knows about cars may be very helpful.

Check inside the car, as well. Make sure upholstery and seats don’t have rips, tears, stains or other damage. Upholstery is not cheap to repair, so it is better to get a vehicle that has a nice interior to start with.

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