Are Serious Hip Problems a Qualifying Condition for Disability?

Injuries and degenerative hip conditions can make walking and standing difficult, if not impossible. Long-term hip conditions that will require a hip replacement, injections, or other painful and complicated treatments can lead the problem into the realm of a disability. Below are a few of the considerations that help determine if you qualify for disability benefits.

Do you have to use mobility devices to get around?
When your level of pain and difficulties in mobility cause you to have your doctor prescribe the use of mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, or canes, it indicates a severity that might qualify as a disabling condition. The equipment has to be obtained by the documented recommendation of your treating physician in order to count. Simply going out and buying these items on your own does not necessarily mean you need to have them at your access.

Are you limited in activity and unable to work?
If your hip condition seriously limits your ability to move around, complete daily activities, or work, it’s time to contact a knowledgeable social security disability lawyer in Missouri. The better it can be determined to negatively impact your quality of life directly and ability to earn an income, the easier it is to get disability benefits approval.

What is the outlook for your condition?
You need to discuss the outlook for treatment and therapy with your social security disability lawyer in Missouri to determine what testing you will need to help back up your disability claim. Any planned surgeries and treatments recommended by your physician can help make your case a strong one.

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