Artist Inspired by the Homeless Creates Homeless Jesus Statues

Matthew 25 says that when you see the marginalized you are seeing Jesus. This is what came to the mind of Canadian Sculptor Timothy Schmalz when he suddenly came upon a homeless person sitting on the sidewalk with their faced shrouded by a blanket. When he saw this vision he was inspired and thought that this was Jesus just as Matthew had said in the Gospel. With this vision in his mind he created the bronze statue titled “Jesus the Homeless” but then was struggling to find a place for the statue to be displayed. After two years a home was allotted at Regis College in Toronto. The sculpture has made such an impact it has actually received the blessing of Pope Francis.

Apt Home

Regis College is an apt home for the statue as it is the Jesuit school at the University of Toronto and was blessed by the first Jesuit Pope. As well the Pope has focused on marginalized people since he was given his position. The statue shows a man asleep on a park bench, his face covered, but his feet exposed. The feet bear the wounds Jesus received when crucified on the cross. Schmalz’s intent was to bring the same vision he had of the homeless person into the sights of more people in the hopes they see that Jesus does exist when you see marginalized people in your everyday life.

Spreading the Word

God has given Schmalz the gift of an artist to help Schmalz spread the word of God and inspire people to see Jesus in his most humble appearance. The Pope himself said that the sculpture is a “beautiful representation of Jesus.” Schmalz describes his work as a 24/7 preacher who can spread the word of God which he feels is very important in the world today. He is pleased that interest in the sculptures has led to orders from other cities including Washington. He has also received an order from Perth, Australia. Schmalz would love to see a form of his sculpture in every city in North America to help spread the word of Jesus’ love at a time when it is most needed. Bible Prophecy News Today finds this story an inspiration. God can speak to us in many different ways and the sculpture of Jesus is proof of his work.

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