Auto Accident Law Firms in Palm Springs, CA Help Drivers After a Crash

Auto accident reporting requirements vary depending on the nature of the damage and the location of accident. In most cases, the victim may need to file an official report. There are three organizations where the report may have to be filed, and those are listed in the article below.

Filing a Police Report

Every jurisdiction has different laws on whether it’s necessary to file a report after an auto accident. In the following situations, a report must usually be filed when:

  *  a person gets injured, or
  *  property damage exceeds a set value.

Filing methods may vary. For instance, a report may be filed over the phone, at the accident scene, or through a visit to the police station. The best approach is to notify the police after an auto accident to find out about local reporting requirements.

Notifying the Insurance Company

Most insurers require the claimant to promptly report any auto accident. The insurer will need basic information on the accident, including the victim’s account of the event. If anyone is hurt, or if the victim believes their insurer will deny coverage, they should consider talking to an auto accident law firms in Palm Springs CA, before calling their insurer.

Filing a Report with the DMV

In some areas, the DMV tracks car accidents, and drivers are required to file reports there. While reporting requirements vary by jurisdiction, there are typically time limits for filing. Failing to file an accident report may result in the loss of one’s driver’s license. If injuries occur, the driver may want to talk to Samuel F. Trussell Attorney At Law before filing a report with the DMV.

Does a Driver Involved in an Auto Accident Need an Attorney?

Anytime a person is in an auto accident, he or she should call a lawyer right away. Insurers often tell drivers that they will be treated fairly and that hiring legal representation isn’t necessary, but this isn’t always the case. Auto accident law firms in Palm Springs, CA, can tell a client about their legal rights and responsibilities, and they can inform the client of potential legal remedies.


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