Automatic Vehicle Identification for Gated Areas

Security arrangements in gated areas, is a big challenge as the access is limited or restricted. Access through ID badges is no longer secure since these badges can be easily forged or duplicated. An alternative method to improve security measures and reduce risks of an unauthorized person entering the gated area is by introducing Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVI).

Automatic Vehicle identification System (AVI) is the premium system that uses microprocessors in smart cards.
This system is based on RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology that provides wireless identification of people or assets.  AGS is one of the leading providers of Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVI) and fuelling solutions to petrol stations and fleet companies. RFID ensures fast and secure fuel delivery and helps fleets to control fuel consumption more effectively and eliminates fraud.

Automatic Vehicle Identification system uses Smartcards as identification devices which automatically recognizes vehicles. These Smartcards are attached on an object and contain information about the person or the object. Smartcards are badges that emit radio signals either at periodic intervals or when a vehicle comes in close proximity to an RFID reader which identifies the vehicle, reducing manual intervention.    

The example of the usage of an Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVI) is at the petrol station. The Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVI) uses RFID technology. The RFID is connected to two antennas for long and short range communication.  The information in the smartcard on the vehicle pertains to registration, method of payment, fuel grade, permitted volumes, minimum distances permitted between refuelling, incremental odometer and hour meter readings, velocity checks, etc. This information avoids forgery and easy identification of the vehicle at the petrol station.

Automatic Vehicle Identification system comes with various benefits:
 –  Can be placed directly on the surface of the vehicle
 –  One can easily move the badge or sticker on any side/ surface of the vehicle, thereby making it possible to be easily detected
 –  Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVI) reduces risk or threat of an unknown identity / individual entering the vicinity of the gated facility with limited or restricted access
 –  Automatic Vehicle Identification System also saves time by avoiding manual identity checks
 –  These stickers or badges deactivate/disable when stolen or lost; making it impossible for any other vehicle to use them
 –  These badges or smartcards don’t run out of battery or need power/electricity and are usually programmed for a certain time frame (i.e. one to four years)
 –  The badges can be disabled once not in use



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