Before You Speak to a Bail Bond Agency in Bartow, Here Is What You Should Know

If you have ever been arrested, you may have heard reference to bail postings. But what is bail and what is a bail bond? When you are arrested, you must remain in jail until you are required to appear in court. However, you can go home and wait to appear if you are released on bail.

What Is Bail?

Bail is a specific money amount. This form of payment is a type of insurance meant for the defendant, or the person in jail. While you have the option to remit payment for the bail in cash, most defendants usually elect to contact a bail bond agency to get out of jail. Jail is normally set at a high amount. Therefore, most defendants awaiting court dates choose to obtain a bail bond.

When you or a loved one contacts a bail bond agency, you are contacting an agency that deals in issuing surety bonds. A surety bond assures that you will be released from jail. Criminal bail bonds are available as well as civil bail bonds. Either bond guarantees the payment for any penalties or fines that have been assessed against a defendant in a court case.

By contacting a bail bond agency in Bartow, you can obtain further details about how the process works. If you want to get out of jail and do so without a great deal of difficulty, you need to speak to a bail bonds representative.

An Example

If you have been arrested, the court has already set bail. For example, the bail may be established at $10,000. If you do not have $10,000 to spend, you will need to have a bonds representative post $1,000, for instance, to obtain a release from jail. The remaining money can be secured through collateral. Collateral can be in the form of a home, auto, or jewelry.

Learn more about how the process works by going online and reviewing bail bond services. Whether you need to be released or a family member needs this form of assistance, you can find the help you need when you search local listings online.

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