Benefits of Earning a PMP Certification

A project management professional (or practitioner) is a career that is constantly in demand worldwide. Attaining a certification in the PMP field demonstrates to employers that you have the experience, knowledge, education, and dedication to effectively lead your teams towards a project’s success. An individual with a PMP certification understands that they are solely responsible for all aspects of a project’s life cycle and that they will be required to direct cross-functional teams in a competent manner, ensuring that all projects are delivered within certain time frames, budgets, and scopes. If you’re a project manager looking to further develop your career, then getting a PMP certification should definitely be your next goal.

Increased Salary – This credential is recognized across the globe, which speaks volumes about its value. According to project management salary surveys, this certification will directly affect your salary in a positive way. A recent survey of over 30,000 project management practitioners revealed a significant increase in average yearly salaries when comparing those who were and were not certified. Uncertified managers were reporting an average of 98k per year while certified managers were reporting an average annual salary of 112k. Obtaining a PMP certification is an important investment in developing your career, it recognizes you as a competent individual that has demonstrated excellence in your field and can also lead to greater earnings.

Crush Your Competition – All employers will require years of experience and countless project hours as project manager, but some hiring managers even list a CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) or PMP certification as a pre-requisite for employment. Having a certification in any particular field also objectively provides third party validation of your skills and expertise, which can raise you high above your competition in the eyes of a potential employer. This internationally recognized, respected and demanded credential will make your resume sparkle while crushing your competition. The project management field is extremely cutthroat and employers can easily afford to be selective. PMP certification, like any other certification, is exceedingly helpful; but certain industries actually view it as a necessity. PMP experts have reported that becoming certified actually helped them in other areas as well. They learned how to better comprehend and articulate vital aspects of their projects, such as; project goals, assumptions, risks, and required resources.

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