Benefits Of Software Acting As A Proxy To Hide Actual IP Addresses

Helpful for those who work from home, those employed by a large, multi-national corporation and those who spend a great deal of time abroad for job related travel, a virtual private network, or VPN, allows a private office intranet to be shared over the public internet. This type of network allows employees to access private company information and communicate with coworkers across the globe as though they were together in one location.

Each computer bears its own unique identification number, known as an Internet Protocol or IP address. This number provides two applications; it allows a network to identify the computer being used for access and offers the ability to locate the computer in question. When seeking IT assistance, this is the number the IT support company uses to provide remote reinforcement rather than on-site assistance.

While useful in this respect, the IP address also allows outsiders with less than noble intentions to identify the computer being used and can be used to block specific computers from any number of websites. In order to counteract this type of activity, LLC provides software that offers a Proxy To Hide Ip Address.

This type of software offers unlimited freedom and privacy to the user. With a Proxy To Hide Ip Address, the computer’s actual IP address is encrypted, allowing the user to surf the internet with complete privacy. It prevents the true IP address from being seen through the use of secure sockets layers, or SSL, to thwart hackers even when using public wi-fi hot spots.

For those who use computers within their office or at school where a number of sites, including Facebook, YouTube and many others have been blocked, this type of software will allow the user to unblock those site and use the Internet freely. These users will be able to visit those websites even though they have been restricted. With the Proxy To Hide Ip Address, the computer visiting blocked sites will be undetectable by employers or school officials.

This user friendly software provides affordable privacy and protection, enabling the user to freely visit websites at home, in the office, in restaurants and at any other location, private or public.

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