Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks: Technology that’s Hard to Get Around

In an effort to make employee punch times more accurate and efficient, various types of technology have been introduced. Yet, when it comes to workforce management, some companies still use time cards that employees punch in and out on when arriving and leaving work. Other companies use swipe cards or passwords and PINs that are entered into a computer in order for employees to mark attendance. While sound in concept, unfortunately, all of these methods have a number of downsides and ways that employees can unethically manipulate the system to be less than honest about their work hours. However, with the implementation of Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks, there now exists technology that makes malpractices like time theft more difficult.

Biometric time clocks are actually quite simple. They basically consist of a hardware device that has a tiny screen for an employee’s fingerprint to be placed on. In a matter of seconds, their print is scanned, encrypted and marked in real-time to effectively clock them in and out of work. These punch times are recorded and securely stored as online time cards, allowing the data to be accessed and processed for payroll as needed. The whole system is automated, effective and efficient.

As stated before, biometric time clocks make it very difficult to get around when it comes to clocking in and out. With many of the traditional time tracking systems, a person can forget a password or PIN, they can lose their time card or they could even have a coworker punch in and out for them if they are running late or leaving early (buddy punching). These practices and concerns can be prevented with biometric time tracking systems. Unique, individual physiological features such as fingerprints are extremely challenging to forge and impossible to forget. You may misplace your swipe card for clocking in and clock out, but you’re not going to misplace your finger.

If you’re looking for more accurate employee time clocks or looking to prevent employees from stealing time with unethical practices like buddy punching, Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks are an excellent option. Plus, the ROI of biometric time clocks is incredible. The money you’ll save by collecting accurate time and attendance data and paying accurate work hour wages will be more than enough to justify the investment.

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