Buy a Jet Card if You Are a Frequent Flyer

A jet card is an ideal option when you are a frequent flyer. It provides you with access to private jet usage. This saves you a lot of time and has access to a wider network of airports, something commercial airlines do not enjoy. Jet cards provide users with an alternative to aircraft ownership. The service provides a cost effective way for company executives to get to their destinations in record time. In addition, they can do this without being seen as overindulgent.

Private jets are quite expensive to buy. It is costlier to maintain them, as you have to pay for fuel, parking fees, navigation, and crew. With a jet card Miami FL, a company can enjoy huge savings on executive travel. In addition, this will not compromise on quality and comfort.

1. A jet card is like a prepaid telephone account. What happens is that you buy a set number of flight hours on executive jets. As you travel, the number of hours is automatically subtracted. This is cheaper in comparison to charter. It is much cheaper than buying a private or company jet.

2. When you need to fly, simply call the jet card Miami FL airline and make a reservation. In about 5-7 hours, the aircraft will be ready for use. An initial amount to load a card depends on the company and can start from $150,000. Even if there will not be much travel, the money is not lost. To buy a new jet, you will need anywhere from $4 million for a small, lightweight aircraft.

3. With a jet card, get to enjoy all the benefits of private air travel. It is similar to leasing a plane for a few hours. The flying time ranges from 20-35 hours. You can also choose between a number of options such as 325 days or 355 days. The remaining days are considered unpopular for air travel.

4. Other companies convert the unused hours on their issued jet card into company shares. As such, if you are a frequent flyer, you do not lose out on prepaid air travel time. Once it is converted, you become a shareholder in the company. In the process, you start earning dividends out of it.

5. To get into the program, first calculate the number of times you travel every month. Single out some common destinations. Find out how long these trips take via a commercial airline. You could also inquire from the airline how long it takes. This will give you a rough estimate of the number of hours to pre-pay.

6. Search online for jet travel companies that offer this option. Compare several rates and settle for the one that best meets your travel requirements. It is better to buy slightly more numbers of hours.


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