Can You Suppress a Fire Inside a Bus or Other Large Commercial Vehicle?

If you have ever ridden inside a school bus or on a public bus, you may have noticed that they have the potential to be rolling death traps in the event of a fire. If that was your initial thought, your next thought may have been “Is it possible to suppress a fire on a bus, or any large commercial vehicle for that matter?” The answer is “yes!” and here’s how that works.

Fire Suppression Inside the Bus

This system is like the fire suppression system installations used in food trucks. A release of a special fire suppressant chemical that is not harmful to humans is used when fire, smoke, and/or extreme heat is detected by special sensors inside the riding area of the bus. The result is a quick end to what can amount to a very lethal accident.

Fire Suppression Inside the Engine

This is a slightly different approach to fire suppression system installation, but because most bus fires start in the engine block, it just makes sense to stop the fire before it can spread. When the system detects that the engine has erupted into flames, the system goes into action. It releases a very special aspirated particulate that suppresses the fire and keeps it from re-erupting for up to one hour after the chemical has been released. This gives drivers and passengers plenty of time to evacuate and notify the local emergency professionals that they have a big problem.

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