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Search engine optimization (SEO): Your business website needs optimization to be found on major search engines affordably, but how do you go about it? Who can you trust to get your company, logo and information in front as many eyes as possible? There is only one real choice for a SEO Company near me, and that choice is eBrandz Solutions. We will get your company ranked on hundreds of different search engines and social media outlets, by utilizing a three-pronged approach, to cover every base.

Three Facets of SEO

Our detailed three-pronged approach focuses on on-page, off-page and contextual search engine optimization. On-page optimization means that we study your site and its contents in-depth, ensuring that your information is not only relevant, but also user and search engine-friendly. We then use formulas to determine the best way to raise your ranks on all the search engines that matter.

Off-page optimization focuses on building links to your site from external websites, including the top search engines, local directories and social media sites. We establish loyal relationships with all the relevant sites and use industry top practices to ensure that links to your site follow all the appropriate guidelines.

Contextual optimization focuses on the imagery that is most relevant to your business. We use the best photos and videos to ensure your message is conveyed to your customers in the way they engage content online. Many search engines favor photos and videos over just text. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the right picture, video, or slideshow from your site could very well attract a thousand customers.

Getting It Right the First Time

We offer free consultations for all the services, so you can tell us exactly what you want, and we can determine exactly what you need. A search engine optimization consultation could be just the thing your business needs to put it over the top and reach the levels of success most businesses only dream of. With our SEO programs, you’ll be getting the best service from true professionals. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the best search rankings and results for your website.

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