Caring for St Paul Granite Counters

One of the most convenient countertops that one could have is granite counters. To ensure that they serve you a long time, here are some handy tips to caring for them.
Daily maintenance
1. Use a soft cloth with some mild cleanser to clean them. Mixing dish soap with some warm water would be the best option.
2. Do not use house cleaners on a regular basis. These products are prone to leaving a film on the granite counters, which stops them from being glossy. In addition to this, harsh cleaners will also break down the sealant on the St Paul granite counters.
3. If the counters have streaks or oil smudges, use a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe them down.
4. Use products that contain acid sparsely. This is because such products are prone to causing acid etching on the countertops.
5. If you would like to keep your granite counters free of fingerprints, occasionally wipe them down with a bit of furniture polish. This especially works well with dark colored granite.
6. Do not set hot pans or dishes on granite countertops that have seams. The epoxy that is used in the seams will start to melt especially if exposed to heat for a prolonged period.
7. Do not chop food directly on top of the counters. Although this material is strong and durable, regular practice of this will affect your sharp knives making them dull faster.
Sealant care
1. Most St Paul granite counters will be sealed once they are installed. The aim of this is to prevent staining of the countertops. However, this does not mean that you should ignore spills. Whenever spillage occurs, ensure that it is cleaned up immediately so as to enable the sealant to last longer.
2. Ensure that you reseal your granite counters from time to time. Typically, sealant should last anywhere from one year to about four years. If you notice your sealant has started wearing off, get in touch with the installers that applied it for you. So how does one check if the sealant is still working? All you have to do is pour a couple of drops of water on the countertops. If the water seeps underneath, it may be time to have the sealant reapplied.
Avoiding stains
1. As much as sealant helps in keeping your St Paul granite counters stain free, it is advisable to clean up any spills as soon as they happen. This will give your sealant longevity.
2. Do not store bottles that contain cooking oil directly on the surface of the countertops. In addition to this, keep rusted pots and pans away too as the rust can stain these counters.

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