Children And Their Orthodontist

When you take your child to an orthodontist, you are ensuring they are going to receive the right care for their growing teeth. While dentists handle the basic cleaning and care of the teeth, in Minneapolis, orthodontics addresses other issues. By definition, orthodontics is a dental specialty. It often focuses on three things:

1. The prevention of malocclusions (crooked teeth)
2. The diagnosis of malocclusions
3. Correction of crooked teeth

This is what the orthodontics at Kottemann Orthodontics in Minneapolis concerns itself with. Their main goal is to improve oral health and function. At the same time, those who turn in Minneapolis to orthodontics can also address another need – one applicable to both children and adults alike. This is the aim of having that perfect smile.

What is the Issue with Malocclusions?
If you have crooked teeth, you can suffer from any number of difficulties. Nor, as many orthodontists, including those at Kottemann Orthodontics, are they limited to specific dental problems. In Minneapolis orthodontics is there to prevent some of the problems that may occur because of serious malocclusions. When crooked teeth are allowed to prevail, the result can be any of these following problems.

*Difficulty in Chewing: This reduces the intake of nutritional beneficial food. In turn this can produce various other problems such as obesity
*Abnormal Speech Patterns: Depending upon the placement of the teeth, speech may be affected adversely leading to self-esteem issues
*Risk Increase for Oral Disease: Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean. This can result in the build-up of bacteria leading to gingivitis and other related issues
*Self-Esteem Issues: When you have crooked teeth, it may easily impact upon your self-image

Minneapolis Orthodontics: Achieving Results
If your child has crooked teeth, take him or her to an orthodontist. This is the first step in ensuring the child will receive the proper care and attention to ensure his or her life is not negatively affected by this for the rest of his or her life. At Kottemann Orthodontics, the various options for treatment will be studied. While orthodontics is associated with the straightening of teeth, it also interested in helping readdress the growth of the child’s jaw and, therefore, help with the development of his or her facial structure. By making sure your child visits an orthodontist, you are working towards improving not only how he or she chews but also improving the chances of your child developing a healthy self-esteem.

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