Claiming Workers Compensation For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As more and more American workers are relegated to performing the same tasks day after day there is increasing evidence of repetitive stress injuries, perhaps the most common is carpal tunnel syndrome. With millions of people desk bound all day using little more than a keyboard and a mouse it is easy to see how this injury is becoming problematic, much more so than it was in the past. Although the job you do may be the cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms it will prove very difficult to sue your employer for damages as those workers who are covered by workers compensation, and most are, are barred from taking action in civil court. It is important that you are fully aware of the laws that apply to work place injuries as other than hiring an El Monte workers compensation attorney this is your only other way you can fight for compensation for your injury.

What actually is carpal tunnel?

A host of nerves and tendons run through an opening in your wrist, these nerves and tendons are responsible for your being able to flex your fingers. If the nerves and tendons become compressed there is a great deal of pain. As the tunnel in the wrist is extremely small it takes very little swelling to compress the nerves and tendons, it is this which causes pain and weakness in the hand and wrist. This physical condition is known as carpal tunnel.

There are many workplace activities that can lead to carpal tunnel but the most common are data entry, typing, operating a cash register and constant pressing on a component during an assembly operation without rest.

In many cases surgery is required to treat carpal tunnel. Non-surgical remedies include rest, steroids and diuretics.

Is carpal tunnel syndrome covered by workers comp?

It would be rare for an insurance company to deny befits to anyone covered by workers comp when the injury is directly related to a work activity. Carpal tunnel poses a problem for insurers; it becomes the responsibility of the employee to prove that his condition is work related.

It is frequently debated whether the injury really was caused by the work done by the employee or was it some other factor from outside the workplace. Common arguments supported by the employer and the insurer are that the injury is related to an outside activity and has nothing to do with the job. They will often argue that the injury is the result of the employee’s dedication to tennis for example and it was this that caused the condition.

It is in situations like this where you may be denied workers comp benefits that you should hire an El Monte workers compensation attorney.

If you suffer a work related injury you are entitled to compensation. There are cases where compensation may be withheld and it becomes necessary to sue for relief. If you wish to discuss the details of your claim with an El Monte workers compensation attorney, contact us for more details.

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