Closing the Distance with Communication

Communication, more than any other factor, has lead to human development and advancement. Our intelligence helped, but it was our ability to work off the minds of others. As in Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so does man sharpen man.” What that means is that the conversation and communication between friends, allies and even rivals sharpens our wits and ideas, developing them into better things and ensuring they don’t remain constrained to a single person’s mind. Without communication, a great idea dies with its originator. Communal knowledge and learning have helped humanity develop ideas into things; through communication, the observation of how a rock rolls becomes the wheel. Roads of communication have always been important and we’ve spread them far and wide, using remote communication systems and techniques to transmit mundane, pragmatic and beautiful things over more of the world.

We’ve been communicating with remote places as long as we’ve been able to make and maintain paths and trails. One of most famous examples of remote communication was the famous marathon runner reporting the events of a battle. With the passage of time we’ve advanced to semaphore, signal fire, Morse code, and eventually to satellite, and cellular phones. No longer does line of sight or strength of leg determine the stretch of our communication abilities. Thankfully at that, it’s worth noting that the marathon runner died after delivering his message.

It’s not just that esoteric concepts like “human advancement” gain advantage through remote communication. The ability to communicate over great distances with increasing ease has made business more effective and efficient. Lives can be saved because a company equipped their people with satellite phones so they can contact if stranded or lost. The ability to communicate from anywhere has expanded the world for commerce. We can extract or build on far flung corners of the globe without fear of losing touch.

Even someone at the North Pole could call someone in Phoenix Arizona thanks to the invention of satellite phones. As our demand and use of natural resources continues we will need to send people to different parts of the earth to start operations, and with remote communication abilities these distant locations won’t be as isolated. The average consumer benefits as well as the greater ease and access to distant resources and locals the lower the price we pay for the things we use every day. Every day we communicate from locations proximate and remote and every day we make the world a better place, even if the communication is as clinical as a status report on a construction project, the act of communicating it easily helps improve our world and conditions.

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